West Midlands Police and Crime Panel

The next meeting of the panel is being held tomorrow at Wolverhampton Civic Centre. I will be chairing the meeting. The website of the panel, agenda and other reports can be accessed via this link: http://westmidlandspcp.co.uk/meeting-15-january-2018-2pm-wolverhampton-civic-centre/

Two important reports include this years a preliminary report on the commissioners budget proposals and a report on the Gangs and Violence Taskforce.

I have though posted the agenda and reports here: AGENDA-WMPCP-15-JAN-2018   ITEM-5-PCC-Preliminary-Budget-Report-WMPCP-15-JAN-18      ITEM-6-Gangs-and-Violence-Commission-Summary-Report-WMPCP-15-JAN-18      ITEM-7-HMIC-Crime-Data-Integrity-Inspection-PCC-response-WMPCP-15-JAN-18      ITEM-8-PCC-decisions-WMPCP-15-JAN-2018     ITEM-9-Work-Programme-WMPCP-15-JAN-2018    WMPCP-FINAL-Minutes-27-NOV-2017

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