School Gate Parking – Monkspath

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This is an issue that relates to many schools and yesterday afternoon and this morning and afternoon I spent time observing parking near to Monkspath School. On the two occasions in the afternoon council parking officers were I attendance and this obviously had an effect in stopping most of the offenders.

However, most people seem to know the parking officers have to allow a few minutes period of grace and do try it on. In addition, the bays designated for disabled people are not enforced by a traffic regulation order and are parked in, thus stopping people who might be disabled but do not have a blue badge from using them.

I have posted images taken yesterday and today and have redacted number plates and people faces (I hope I haven’t missed any, please let me know if so).

The seriousness of this is shown in one of the images from yesterday evening where an emergency ambulance negotiated the school traffic to attend to a ill patient at the local surgery.

Where do we go from here?

This is an issue that affects many schools, certainly most in my ward. I do think though it is time we did more about it. I do know there are trials going on in the borough to stop vehicles entering certain roads giving access to the schools but doubt this can be applied to schools like Monkspath, Dickens Heath and Cheswick Green (but also Tidbury Green). We do need to think differently.

I am meeting council officers next week to discuss the issues and this is where this post can come in useful – it has a ready made library of images, with most taken whilst a parking officer was standing next to me. Perhaps its time to review the period of grace and create an absolute ban of stopping on double yellow lines near schools?

5 thoughts on “School Gate Parking – Monkspath

  1. Hi Ken

    Nice to see you the other day with your nice comments about
    my (whoops Gills) car.

    Obviously with such comments you have my vote for May.
    (voters are very fickle people)!!

    Might be an interesting exercise to observe the car parking in
    Shelly Lane on a Friday Lunch time.Not sure whether it’s
    every Friday but the parking is atrocious ..its difficult for
    Traffic to move.I expect a lot of people would like the council
    to experience the problem first hand.Its NOT school traffic.

    I’m sure on your many constituent travels the constituents
    would be able to confirm this Friday problem.

    IF you want a ride in a supercar just let me know!,

    Kind Regards

    Ian Smith

  2. Ken
    How and when are you going to address the underlying issue that over 50 % of the children attending this school do not reside in the catchment area. This displaces children to other school requireing them to be driven which displaced other children which in turn requires them to be driven to school.
    I bought my home 19 years ago so my children could walk to school so why is it my daughter has had to attend Woodlands infants and Shirley Heath
    When are you and the councillors going to address the root cause

    1. It is the law of the land that if there are spaces in the school when someone applies you are not able to save it for someone who might move into the area at a later stage.

  3. The trouble here is that the catchment areas aren’t as well defined as they used, which means there are number of people who reside outside of monkspath who attend the school. I also know personally know of at least 4 pupils in my daughters class who have used parents or grandparents addresses to get into the school (as an example one of them actually lives in Acocks green! Miles away with no choice but to drive), there doesnt appear to any checks on proof of address/residence when school applications are submitted.

    The other factor here is the the community centre, next to the school, is used as a place of Workship (is this legal?) on Fridays which causes yet further issues.

    This issue is not just related to the parking by the school, local roads are also impacted during school drop and pick times. There is a real danger that focus on the car park will just create more issues on the local roads the surround the school. The core underlying issue needs to be addressed, pupils need/should to be local within a reasonable walking distance.

    1. I hear what you say but the reality is now that parents have a real choice in where they can send their children, whereas when my children were young we had a preference. The reason is that many schools have spare places and these can be filled in from applicants out of the catchment area. For Monkspath, like a lot of local schools, we have between a third and half of children from out of catchment. There is also no reason to give a false address either. last year about 60 pupils at Monkspath came from outside Solihull – they can get a space if there are any.

      The issue re the Friday Prayers Group is not really a problem at school drop off/pick up time. It is a place of worship – for Muslims on a Friday aftyernoon and Christians on a Sunday morning.

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