Tidbury Green Farm – pub


There has been some speculation about an application to change the existing (listed) Tidbury Green Farm to become a pub/restaurant.

A planning application has been submitted to change the current Tidbury Green Farmhouse, Fulford Hall Road, Tidbury Green to become a pub/restaurant. The full text describing the application is as follows:

PL/2018/00235/PPFL | Change of use of existing farmhouse, associated buildings and land from residential use (Use Class C3) to a pub/restaurant (Use Class A3/A4) with ancillary manager’s accommodation, and construction of extensions and associated works, including: formation of access and car parking; partial infilling of the pond; and hard and soft landscaping. The description of development relating to the Listed Building Consent Application is: Works to listed buildings including: internal refurbishment of the farm house and associated buildings; partial demolition of a listed building; side and rear extension to the listed farmhouse and large barn; and external works to the listed buildings to replace modern additions with traditional features, including windows. | Tidbury Green Farm Fulford Hall Road Earlswood Solihull B90 1QZ.

The main documents relating to the application are posted here:

Application form:  PL_2018_00235_PPFL-LETTER-816656

Heritage statement:  PL_2018_00235_PPFL-HERITAGE_STATEMENT-817578

Covering letter: PL_2018_00235_PPFL-LETTER-816656

Noise survey:  PL_2018_00235_PPFL-NOISE_SURVEY-816480

Preliminary tree survey: PL_2018_00235_PPFL PRELIMINARY_TREE_SURVEY_SCHEDULE-816487

Proposed site plan:  PL_2018_00235_PPFL-ROPOSED_SITE_PLAN.DWG_REV_G_1_-816481

Transport statement:   PL_2018_00235_PPFL-TRANSPORT_STATEMENT-816486

Other documents can be found via the councils planning portal: https://publicaccess.solihull.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=P2YWOUOEGOF00&activeTab=summary

I wish to hear the views from residing near to Tidbury Green Farm, especially those residing in Fulford Hall Road, Tilehouse Lane and Lowbrook Lane. Those will be the residents who will be most affected by this development but I will also like the views for those residents just outside the immediate vicinity, but also living in Tidbury Green.

I could outline my views immediately but do like to hear what residents have to say before telling them what I think they should say.

The applicants have already created a website showing what they intend to do: http://www.brunningandprice.co.uk/tidburygreenfarm/ .

Tidbury Green, as a village, has undergone quite a bit of change through development. Readers may remember that in the 2013 Local Development Plan that Solihull Council sought to return both Tidbury Green Farm and nearby Lowbrook Farm to the Green Belt. This was overturned when developers sought a Judicial Review at the High Court. The council was also defeated when the Court of Appeal upheld the decisions of the lower court.

The construction on land adjoining Tidbury Green Farm is well underway with Bellway already promoting homes at ‘Tidbury Green Heights’ – http://www.bellway.co.uk/new-homes/west-midlands/tidbury-heights

Please post your views on this website or email directly on khawkins@solihull.gov.uk



4 thoughts on “Tidbury Green Farm – pub

  1. I believe this will be good for Tidbury Green given that it doesn’t have a communal hub currently and most pubs in the local area are difficult to access on foot.


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  2. The opening of a quality pub/restaurant in Tidbury Green is an excellent idea, eventually a pub will be opened in the area so the proposal for a quality establishment now is the best idea.

  3. I was against this pub but since the local elections in October and canvasing local people it soon became known that most people wanted the pub, so I support the locals and the pub

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