Problem with your Brown Bin in Solihull?

This message may be relevant to some residents:

The council is aware that since 2015 we have had an issue with some of our brown recycling bins splitting. This is not due to any mishandling by the crews but due to a manufacturing defect.

The manufacturer is aware of the problem and as the bins are guaranteed for ten years they are obligated to replace them. The bins that we purchased contained a recycled plastic content – however the bins that they are being replaced with are made of virgin plastic polymer. To date the manufacturer has been unable to confirm what is wrong with the bins or how many are affected by the fault. They have acknowledged the additional time and resources that it is taking to deal with collecting damaged bins and delivering new bins, and regularly provide a batch of black bins free of charge by way of compensation.

Until December 2017, we were delivering around 100 replacement bins per week – however since December 2017 we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of requests for replacement brown bins and this has increased to an average of 100 requests a day. We believe that this may be linked to the recent cold weather as this can cause plastic polymers to become more brittle.

Due to the significant increase in the number of bins requiring replacement we have extended our delivery time and it may take up to 20 working days to deliver a replacement bin. We aim to deliver replacement bins before 20 days but due to the high demand we feel that it is right to extend the delivery time and manage customer expectations. We will collect recycling in other containers (plastic boxes), bags for life, woven shopping bags etc. Residents can also collect a supply of clear sacks for their recycling from walk-in centres while they wait for their replacement bin to be delivered.

We will replace all damaged brown bins free of charge and a replacement bin can be ordered by calling the Contact Centre on 0121 704 8000.

One thought on “Problem with your Brown Bin in Solihull?

  1. Got my replacement bin 12 weeks after it was stickered. However, it seems taller than previous brown bin, current black bin and green bin. which means it doesnt fit in standard wheelie bin storage box as previous one did

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