S2 and S3 Bus Services – Solihull

I have been engaged with residents from the more rural area of Blythe ward (Cheswick Green, Tidbury Green and Dickens Heath) for a while now; collating details of service disruption. I have also had good communications with Travel for West Midlands (TfWM) who subsidise this service. The following is an extract posted on local Facebook groups but it may be useful for service users in other arts of Solihull, especially Hockley Heath.

The service is being reviewed by TfWM officers and they have received many complaints from service users. The service is a subsidised one (i.e. by the council tax payer) and there are penalties the service provider has to pay for poor service. TfWM are working with the service provider, Diamond, to make the service better but there are not a lot of bus services looking to take this route over at the present time (this may change in due course).


The contract for both services is due for review in October this year. I will personally submit a written representation and share it with you in due course. It is fair to say the expectation is that any new contact reflects the service requirements of local residents and plans for growth through new developments. It must also ensure complaints are addressed suitably and better engagements with the public by the service provider is arranged (perhaps via the parish councils)

In the meantime TfWM will be undertaking a wide consultation with service users. This may begin later this month and I will certainly signpost this to you when it is launched.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about this issue.



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