Royal British Legion launches outreach service in Solihull

Together with fellow ward Councillor James Butler it was a privilege to support Elaine Butler at the launch of the Outreach Service in Solihull this week. Keen readers will know I try to support the forces at ‘Flag’ days through collecting for both the RBL and RAFA. I was present in that capacity and also to support James’s mother, who does sterling work for the RBL. We have many veterans in our area and though the outreach centre we are sure that as councillors we can support them even more. We will be present with Elaine at the Outreach table at The Core on the first Tuesday of each month.

The Royal British Legion now offers an outreach advice service to Armed Forces families and veterans in Solihull, with the service is based in the foyer of The Core on every second Tuesday of the month, between 11am and 3pm. The outreach team offer support and advice across a range of areas, including benefits and finance, employment, housing and paths to recovery.

Assistance is also available for day-to-day issues such as house maintenance and paperwork. The service is open to all those that have served over seven days in military service, their spouses, family and dependents.

Support and advice can also be accessed during the week at the High Street Pop In advice and information centre on Birmingham’s New Street.

Elaine Butler, Information Volunteer for the new Outreach in Solihull said: “It’s often the little things that can mount up and weigh a lot of people down.

“We are available to discuss the most complex of problems to arranging for one of our Handy Vans to carry out simple home repairs. Most importantly, it’s a friendly welcoming environment, where you can talk to the Outreach Team in confidence about your needs and concerns.”

There are an estimated 6.5million people in the UK’s Armed Forces community eligible for the Legion’s help, which includes serving and ex-Service personnel, their spouses, dependents and children.

Through the Legion’s welfare work, it helps the British Armed Forces, veterans and their families to live on to a more hopeful future.

To find out more visit the Legion’s website

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