Staying Cool in Hot Weather

‘We’re having a heatwave, we’re having a heatwave…’

I cant remember what musical this comes from but it seems we are in for great weather in the next week or so. This means a climb into our loft to bring the fan downstairs.

We all think about the elderly and vulnerable people during winter and extreme cold weather but hot weather is also a issue that brings risks. This document from Age UK is very useful. If you are working in an office why not print it out and post on your notice board. Better still, email it to all in your company: ageukil1_staying_cool_in_a_heatwave_inf

It is essential we look after our neighbours/parents to make sure they are hydrated and have shelter from too much sun. We need to make people aware of the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. These can be very harmful to vulnerable people.

Message is: Take care and drink more water.

And hey, while we are at it, take care of your pets as well.

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