Back Garden Planning Application – Dickens Heath

A long awaited application for development behind houses in Birchy Leasowes Lane, Dickens Heath (on border with Tidbury Green) has been submitted to the council – application PL/2018/01710/PPFL refers.

All documents on the system to date can be found here:  PL-2018-01710-PPFL

In brief, the application seeks to demolish one house, number 85, and erect 5 detached houses on that land plus the back gardens of other properties. Site map below:

Site plan

I am particularly incensed at the wanton ecologic destruction of the local habitat that existed before the chainsaws entered the land several months ago. The photographs shown below were taken on 24 April, some weeks before the Ecological Appraisal undertaken by Dr. Stefan Bodnar. The report is within the attached documents (above) but a snap shot includes this statement:

Statement from ecology report

The report does not mention if there was evidence of large scale felling of trees that might have contained some of the ecology and protected species, such a bats or birds, or whether there was evidence of nests being destroyed during the nesting season.

Photographs I took at the site in late April clearly shows the destruction that took place:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is quite clear some of these trees were old, possibly as much as 100 years and it is also quite clear the item 15 on the application form was dealt with by the applicant way before the submission of the application:

Trees and hedges item

I await the officers report on this but I believe we should not entertain developments like this that have shown a wanton disregard to the locality and ecology of the site. My objection will be in the strongest terms.



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