Garden Grabbing – Planning Objection

This post is in conjunction with a previous post on this matter: This post contains my formal objection to the councils’ [planning department and another report that relates to trees on development land.

My formal objection can be read here:  Objection P1Objection P2 

My objection letter mentions a  report that refers to trees on development sites. The guidance, produced by Solihull MBC’s Landscape and Ecology department and was developed to support the Councils’ Unitary Development Plan in 2006 and has since been integrated into its Local Development Plan.  The report is very clear on the expectations of developers where trees and hedgerows exist on land they wish to develop. It is clear most of the guidance has been ignored. DG1Treesondevelopmentsites

In my objection letter I have asked the planning authority to refuse the application and make comment on the ecological damage caused prior to the submission of the application.

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