Creynolds Lane – Request for reduction in speed limit

On behalf of residents of Creynolds Lane I have submitted a representation seeking a reduction of the current 40mph speed limit to 30 mph. I support this request.

The submission, with rationale and evidence base, can be read here:  IMG_20180704_0002IMG_20180704_0001.

Creynolds Lane is a route that has become exceeding busier since motorists have recognised the ‘short cut’ though Tidbury Green when M42 problems occur. This affords some drivers quicker access to Solihull and South East Birmingham, especially when driving quickly through country lanes.

One of the problems is the ‘fear’ of residents when walking/cycling along the lane even when vehicles are travelling within the 40 mph speed limit. The photographs below helps to indicate how close large vehicles, travelling at about 40 mph, can get to a pedestrian on the footpath. This does not help motivate parents to walk their children to the nearby Cheswick Green Primary School or allow them to cycle.

Officers will now look at the request and I will update readers when I know more.

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