BUS SERVICES – Consultation by TfWM

It has taken a long time but there is a consultation beginning tomorrow.

I was aware the contract for Diamond was under review but it seems the review has been held over until the New Year so that consultations can take place.

I have posted below the text of an email I have received, which explains how the consultation can be accessed online from tomorrow (it is not live today) and the drop-in session on Solihull High Street, as well as bus stop consultations with users.

Bus service snapshot

The service received in Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and Tidbury Green is on many occasions not fit for purpose, with many reports of buses not turning up or making students late for school/college.

I will await to meet people from TfWm before submitting my representation and will post it on the forum in due course. There is no doubting we are let down by Diamond and the seemingly lack of powers of TfWm to adequately address poor service delivery.

I am meeting representatives from TfWm on Thursday 4 October 4pm.

It would be very nice to hear from any service user who is actually spoken to at a bus stop/on a bus from the area to see how wide the consultation is.

The pdf from TfWM outlining suggested changes can be read here: Solihull changes

The link to TfWM survey is http://www.Networkwestmidlands.com/solihull

3 thoughts on “BUS SERVICES – Consultation by TfWM

  1. essential that DIRECT link maintained to Solihull Railway station!!! And Solihull Colleges on Marshall Lake/ Blossomfield. Shirley Station does not give access to Chiltern and not all London trains stop at Dorridge

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