Solihull Subsidised Bus Services Consultation

Full details of the consultation can be found on the website of Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) but you can access the links direct via my website post –

No decisions have been made but there are options you may prefer and options you just do not like. Please have your say.

I wish to remind residents you need to respond to the consultation by this Friday, 14 October.

I have below posted my letter to TfWM and hopefully this is self explanatory. Please feel free to use some of my thoughts and do any of your own.

The decision to award contracts will be made in December and contracts begin in February next year.

One thought on “Solihull Subsidised Bus Services Consultation

  1. Dear Ken,
    Thank you very much for your letter to the committee regarding the proposed changes to the S2 and S3 bus services.
    I have replied in the same way and have sent your email to a few others in Dickens Heath encouraging them to respond also. I think the people in charge need to understand also that many of the affected people (kids and the aged or vulnerable) are unlikely to respond as they will not be aware of it and will not have technical means or skills to do so. The people with the skills and tools to respond will probably be mainly car drivers and will not see a need to reply.
    Thanks again.
    Resident of Dickens Heath.

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