Creynolds Lane – no change in speed limit


Residents may be aware of the letter I wrote on behalf of many residents seeking a change in the speed limit, from 40 mph to 30 mph, on Creynolds Lane. The issue brought a superb response from residents and has raised the issue of road safety all around, not just on one road.

I have received this reply from the councils Highway Officer dealing with the matter and, in brief, the decision is not to alter the existing speed limit, with a few factors supporting this decision.

The explanation is detailed and I accept it. Essentially the data available showed little, if any change, from 2011 (which I reported in that year: ) I will be meeting with our highway officer on site tomorrow afternoon look at what measures can be undertaken to help make the road feel safer for road users. I need though to put some people’s minds at rest here and discount any suggestion of traffic calming – Dept of Transport guidelines (as used in this decision) prohibit speed bumps/barriers where there is a speed limit of 40 mph. There may though be other measures we can use, for instance speed warning signs. We will see.

I will be liaising with the parish council accordingly and as I cycle/drive down this road frequently will continue to monitor things. I will also be asking the Neighbourhood Police Team to continue to look at this and other roads in the Village. They have undertaken hand held radar speed checks in the Village and will continue to do so.

On a related matter: Because of recent collisions at the junction of Creynolds Lane and Watery Lane I requested highway officers and neighbourhood officers to re-inspect the junction. I note that ‘Stop’ markings and signs are in place in Creynolds Lane and Vicarage Road. I also note the line of sight on the left, from Vicarage Road into Watery Lane, is not great and may have had an impact on the collisions. However, only full details of the collisions concerned will tell. I am unaware of the cause of each collision and whether vehicles from Creynolds Lane entering the junction were involved (where the line of sight is pretty good).

I do not want ‘anything’ done at the junction for the sake of it as every measure may have unintended consequences. Any measure must be proven to be needed but that there have been a few collisions this year is an indicator that attention is necessary.

Reply from Council Highways:

Thank you for your recent letter concerning vehicle speeds on Creynolds Lane and your request for a review of the current 40mph speed limit.

As you may be aware the Council has the power to set and review local speed limits. The Department for Transport in order to support Local Authorities in discharging these powers has issued guidance which sets out the steps and criteria that Local Authorities should take when reviewing and setting speed limits.

Primary to this process is ensuring that any speed limit be evidence-led, self-explaining (appropriate for the environment), reinforce people’s assessment of what is a safe speed to travel and importantly encourages self-compliance.

As such in considering speed limits we look at a range of factors including the roads purpose, geometry, local features, environment, collision history and current vehicle speeds.

In this instance having reviewed this location it is considered that the current 40mph speed limit is appropriate for this road. Reportable collision statistics for the road indicate that over the last 5 years there have been 2 collisions resulting in slight injury on the road, excluding the junctions with Stratford Road and Watery Lane. Neither of these 2 collisions appears to be related to vehicle speed and an assessment of the most recently available speed data available for this location does not support the suggested reduction in the speed limit.

In our experience a reduction of a speed limit to 30mph on its own would not result in a significant reduction in vehicle speeds, but would unrealistically raise residents expectation that the new restriction should and will be rigorously enforced. I have contacted the Police and sought their view on the proposal and am currently awaiting their response. I will also discuss with them enforcement of the current 40mph limit as part of these discussions.

Whilst we do not consider that at this time it would be appropriate to introduce a new speed limit at this location, speed limits are only one element of an effective speed management strategy and as such I would be pleased to arrange to meet you on Creynolds Lane to look at what other steps we may be able to take to address the concerns that have been raised to you.


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