I have eventually received the data from a traffic speed data check that was undertaken in Creynolds Lane between 9 and 16 February earlier this year. I have copied and pasted the report from a PDF file sent to me. I took the decision not to attach the whole report as it has private and direct dial telephone lines. I have though copied the data that relates to traffic travelling in both directions.

You will see that the average speed is under 40 mph, with 85% of traffic travelling under 44 mph. The maximum speed recorded is 68 mph in each direction. There is no indication as to the type of vehicle these were, but it is possible they could be emergency vehicles. CREYNOLDS LANE Speed Data

I would say that I am not surprised by these figures and are typical of a country lane with a 40mph speed limit. I would though use these figures to argue against any further (major)  development in the Creynolds Lane area. Please feel free to add your comments here:


  1. Ken

    Does that mean there is a possibility that 85% of the traffice could be breaking the speed limit of 40 MPH

    I cant work out why there is a thresh hold of speed limit +10% surely that defeats the reason for a speed limit.

    Perhaps I have misunderstood if so apologies. Thanks for the updat.

    1. That’s the problems with statistics Carrie, you can interpret them in so many ways. Basically it shows that 85% of the vehicles using the road in the period of the check were travelling under 44 mph (which is 4 mph higher than the speed limit). It is therefore fairs to say that 15% travelled faster than this speed.

      I think the data shows that the road is generally safe, but I would like to find out if there are any strategies to ensure the % of vehicles travelling at or near 40mph could be increased.

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