Street Lighting on new developments

I have posted about this before but as the nights are getting darker earlier this issue is getting more attention, and rightly so.

Street lighting on new developments, like the two either side of Rumbush Lane, Dickens Heath, is the responsibility of the developers, albeit the local authorities in the UK do have a say.

Local authorities in the UK do not adopt the roads (accept the responsibility for them) until all works have been completed according to agreements and will not adopt any site until works are completed to their satisfaction. This is the policy agreed nationally.

Developers place a bond (as sum of money) to ensure works are indeed carried out and the local authority can access the bond and carry out work itself but this is after a 24 month period.

The issue particular to the Dickens Heath sites is the lighting columns had no mains supply and this is being done now. Once the connections have been made then the council will look to adopt the highway. This is in the hands of the developer.

Anyone who has moved into a new housing development will know this isn’t ideal and I have undertaken eh following:

At last week’s planning committee I asked that here in Solihull developers, council planners, ward and parish councillors work to ensure an earlier sign off of street lighting than has previously been the case. I am supported by colleagues of other political parties from other wards where development has taken place.

I’ve been a bit lucky in that the last two homes I have had in Monkspath, my house was one of the last to built on a specific development site but I do remember the lack of street lighting being a concern and there being complete darkness.

This is an obvious issue in addressing criminal activities and is something we need to progress and take action. The first opportunity in Blythe ward will be the upcoming Lowbrook Farm development and I will be engaging with Miller Homes accordingly.







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