Motorway Service Area – Junction 4

Further to my previous post relating to this ( ) many followers will know I submitted a petition to Solihull Council of over 1000 people who objected to the plans for a motorway service area near junction 4 of the M42 at Monkspath.

Next Wednesday, 27 March 2017 was a date set some time ago when both this application and a similar one near junction 5 could be determined by the planning committee. Both applicants had bene aware of the date having been given four months notice.

We now find the agents acting for Applegreen, applicants for the MSA at junction 4, sought a deferment to allow for more work to be carried out. This is as a direct result of a letter from Highways England to SMBC Planners (posted here): PL_2016_02754_MAJFOT-HIGHWAY_ENGLAND_CONSULTATION_RESPONSE-1064413

In brief, Highways England have suggested to SMBC the application is deferred for decision for another two months to allow the applicant to answer some of their questions.


The formal letter from Axis (agents acting for Applegreen) is posted here: PL_2016_02754_MAJFOT-LETTER_FROM_AGENT_REQUESTING_DEFERRAL-1063178


I am particularly annoyed at the deferment but can understand the need to adhere to legal niceties, especially because I can see this going forward to appeals if one or both applicants do not like any determination by Solihull Planners. Having said that, the junction 5 application was submitted in 2015 and the one near junction 4 in 2016. Therefore applicants and their planners have had 4/3 years respectably to make their cases. On top of this, following pressure for SMBC to set a date for determination both applicants were written to in November 2018 giving them four months notice of a date when Solihull Planning Committee can determine both applications together.

We now find Highways England have given Applegreen another two months for them to answer their safety issues. I have to accept that but do say that if they can not satisfy Highways England by then their application should fail and be withdrawn for ever. SMBC can then determine the application near junction 5 without any distraction.

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