Dickens Heath Youth Facility

Proposals for the village youth facility has moved forward with a decision made a Cabinet Member Decision session on 21 March to agree the draft Community Use Agreement :

The report that was presented to Full Council the evening is shown here:

What happens now is the matter will now go to the borough Planning Committee, probably in May or June.

I have liaised with the Parish Council and residents of Three Acres Lane to ascertain any issues. I have stressed the need for strong governance of the facility and a purposeful mechanism whereby residents can raise complaints or raise issues of concerns with the management of the facility. Car parking is also an issue of concern and this can be addressed via the report to planing committee.

This facility is not to replace or be compared to the existing Village Community Centre. The facility will not be available for private hire for events such as parties or celebrations. It is intended and will be for addressing the local need for local young people.

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