One of the joys of being Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways is that I get to join our brilliant officers at award celebrations and similar events.

Solihull’s ‘Love Solihull’ team is not a large team but the amount of work and quality the deliver is enormous and their hard work, together with partners they work with has brought some fantastic results in recent weeks.

First up was a trip to Northampton where the National Green Flag Awards took place. More can be found out about Green Flag Awards via this link:

Here, SMBC were presented with an award for 16 Green Flag Parks in the borough. The list of these parks can be found via the council website but we can now add Damson Lane Park to this list:

Damson Lane Park is a new addition and members from the ‘Friend Of’ group joined us in Northampton to collect the award. It was only fitting they joined us because the work they have done to enable this award has been immense. They have raised a great deal of money through grants and their reward is a Green Flag. The photograph shows us receiving the wards and at a Communications photoshoot.

Green Flag awards

Local media covered this story via the following links:

The second event was held at RADA in London. This was the venue of the International Corporate Social Responsibility Awards where delegates from across the globe attended to collect various awards.

The award is for Environmental Good Practice and the council also now become a Green World Ambassador as their winning paper will be published in The Green Book – a leading international work of reference on environmental best practice.

ICR award

Love Solihull work with local businesses, schools, residents and community groups to make a positive difference to Solihull and its environment.

The team link local businesses with community projects and go on to deliver some amazing projects from developing school grounds to supporting litter picks.

This award is justifiable recognition of the work that they carry out in Solihull and shows what we can achieve when we all work together.

The dedication and support of volunteers from across the borough has made these awards possible.

I’m so proud of the officers we have and the local groups working hard for the benefit of their communities.

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