Sponsoring Earlswood Town FC

As many might know, I am working to help Earlswood Town FC raise their profile to attract new supporters and sponsors. In fact, the sentiment applies to all sports clubs. The press release for the project is shown below.


The back ground to this is that I know Keith Green, ‘The Earls’ new chairman, both as a friend and local resident. The work he has done to help young people all over the borough by organising football camps is considerable. I felt that by helping by sponsoring a match ball was simple, but I wanted to help promote this more widely to encourage other people, adults and small businesses, to look at how they can help sustain local sports clubs.

My lads played rugby, football and cricket locally at several aged groups, eventually playing at senior level. As a parent I felt able to out something back to help our clubs be sustainable.

Are you able to do something for a local club near you? Is the company you work for, or own, able to sponsor a club in some way? Have think.

Anyway, I shall be at ‘The Earls’ next Saturday 24 August so please feel free to come down and watch good sport. Its just £3 entrance and there is a bar for all sorts of refreshments.

Earls sponsorship


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