A Happy New Year to all and apologies for the lack of posts in the latter part of 2019. It wasn’t for the lack of interest or any useful stories, its just been so hectic. Anyway, I thought I should start 2020 with a report that is coming to my Environment and Highways Cabinet Decision Session (CDS) tomorrow evening.

The severe floods of May 2018 wrought serious damage within the borough, but especially to areas in Blythe ward (Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and Tidbury Green) but also areas near to the River Cole in Shirley. This has been widely posted on this website/blog.

As the lead authority regarding flood events Solihull undertook an Inquiry to be reported to the Environment Agency. The interim report was published in November 2018 and its update is before me tomorrow evening.

The detailed 165 page report, Solihull Feasibility Study can be read here: Flood Feasibility Study

The report is very detailed and describes list of options and timescales for work to be undertaken. The thrust behind the recommendations is that officers are to consult with the communities affected, specifically Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath, Tidbury Green and the River Coles corridor. I have attached a list of the recommendations in the report here (I will further ask for a timescale of meetings with these communities to be known asap):


The proposed work plan following on from now is detailed in appendix A of the council papers and is copied here:


Finally, the covering officers report Flood Risk Management Update and para 3.23 explains what our Flood Risk management Priorities will be for the next 12 months:

IMG_3553I hope this post is useful; there is a lot to get through. Essentially, this is still work in progress and the next steps is to consult with the communities that were most badly affected to see what you think of the suggested options/measures and the associated comments from the authors of the report.

On a personal level I am glad this issue resides within my portfolio and I promise to ensure actions are taken to address this worrying issue.

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