While the garden waste collection is on hold and the waste and recycling site at Bickenhill closed we can consider the amount of garden waste we create and how we can reduce and/or deal with it.

I have posted some links that may be of use to residents, whether your garden is large or small.

Home Composting:

My garden is not large, being a 35 years new build on Monkspath, but I started home composting a few years ago; not only to help save the planet but also create free, rich, compost two times a year. You may be able to start this today and here are a few inks to help you:

Letting Your Garden Grow?

 Again, you don’t need to have a large garden and I fully appreciate that with children the more space they have to play the better. However, this may be a great activity to involve them and you may be able to devote a part of your garden to do some of the things suggested in the below link:

These are just some of the resources available on-line to help us.

Why not post photos of what you are doing on the local Facebook groups or other social media?

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