GARDEN WASTE COLLECTION – The Garden Force is with us.

I’m sure most will already be aware that Solihull MBC is restarting our garden waste recycling service next Monday 4 May. We will be reverting to the existing schedule, which rotates the green and brown bins on a two week cycle. If you are unsure you can download the waste and recycling calendar here (just enter your post code):

We hope the service goes smoothly but we need you to help us.

As there will be a lot of full bins out, it may take the crews longer than normal to complete their rounds, and some collections may not be completed on the scheduled day. Here’s what to do about a missed collection.

Stay 2 metres away from our crew members.

For your safety and the safety of our crews, please ensure that you stay 2 metres away from them. Failure to follow social distancing will mean that we will be unable to empty your bin.

Compacted and heavy bins

Please do not overfill or compact garden waste in your bin. If your bin is too heavy to put on the vehicle lift by the collection crew the crew will have to leave it and you will need to remove some of the waste for your next collection. We cannot return to empty a heavy or compacted bin.

As a general rule the bin should be easy to move with very little effort required – if the bin feels heavy to you it probably is too heavy to safely put on the vehicle lift.

No additional waste

We can only collect waste that is presented in the green garden waste bin and will not take additional waste on top of or at the side of the bin. If you have surplus garden waste please store it and put it in your bin for your next scheduled collection.

No soil or turf

Please do not put soil or turf in your garden waste bin – this does not compost and is also very heavy. Please try to remove as much soil as possible from plant roots. A list of what can and cannot be recycled can be viewed here.

No plastic

Plastic and bags that state that they can be composted should not be included in your garden waste bin. These will be classified as contamination at the composting facility and the load may be rejected.

Additional garden waste collections

If you have purchased an additional garden waste collection you should have received a 2020 sticker. If your additional bin does not have a sticker on it, it will not be emptied.

Please bear with. We are in difficult times and I know both SMBC and Amey officers have been working hard to make sure our household waste and recycling services are maintained as much as possible.

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