I thought it might be useful to update followers on the status of the two applications. To remind you,

Application PL/2015/51409/PPOL relates to the application nearer to junction 5 of the M42


Application PL/2016/02754/MAJFOT is a proposed site near to Junction 4 of the M2.

You can get full details and access to hundreds of documents by entering the reference numbers in the councils planning portal search function. I have though commented before about the applications and a post can be reached via this link: You can also search under the Motorway Service Area category on my search drop down file.

In brief, from documents on the planning portal it is viewed that both applications will be determined together, but it won’t for the time being. I have attached the latest letters from Highways England who have put a holding order on both applications with this statement applicable to both applicants:

‘In light of the above, we recommend that planning permission not be granted
for a period of up to three (3) months from the date of this response to allow for
further evidence supporting the proposal to be submitted and reviewed.’

Both formal letters can be read here:



I will of course update residents when I receive more information.

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