Solihull Integrated Transport Hub

A report at my cabinet decision session next week seeks the confirmation of approval for the commencement of public consultation on proposals for the redevelopment of Solihull Train Station to create a new Integrated Transport Hub.

The report is self explanatory and can be found here:

The redevelopment of the station is integral not only to the boroughs town centre mast plan but also to ensure the station is fit for purpose for residents and visitors.

There is a draft consultation newsletter which explains the rationale in more detail and this will be used when the consultation period begins and will run between July and September this year.

One thought on “Solihull Integrated Transport Hub

  1. Startling to see the professional assessment and plans are effectively unchanged after the pandemic. Predicted passenger figures pre-pandemic do not really apply in 2021, why? The rapid shift away from 100% working in an office space to a mixture, which has yet to be fulfilled on any scale. Secondly, the surge in online retail purchases, allied to home delivery – will Solihull Town Centre have the same numbers?

    I note the south or rear station entrance is to be enhanced. Good luck with that, there is a narrow pathway between the privately owned houses and the railway embankment.

    Let’s not forget, as these documents do, that a lot of taxpayers money (whether SMBC or WMCA) was spent a few years ago on altering the present ‘gateway’ and it appears that much of that will now be wasted.

    Who will pay for all this work? Will Network Rail pay 100% for the station redevelopment? As a local taxpayer I note nothing is said in either document who is paying for this.

    I note the station users survey found 83% support; how may people actually participated?

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