Land at Fulford Hall Farm – promoted as Fulford Green

This post does relate to the previous post in that the developers proposing this site will seek to have this one added to the local development plan (LDP). They will not be alone in seeking this as others will attempt to do the same.

I became aware of these proposals a week or so ago having been emailed by Summix officers. I was also present when planners from Summix attended Tidbury Green Parish Council last week where they presented their proposals.

At the outset I must state these proposals are not contained within the LDP (see previous post) but the developers will be keen to try and persuade the planning inspectors at the examination in public (see previous post) for their site to be added to Solihull’s final LDP.

In my response to Summix, I thanked them for informing me of their plans and stated that as their site was not within the draft plan submitted for examination, I could not support it.

However, as the previous post highlighted, if the planning inspectors agree with other local authorities that our plan is short of a few thousand homes then I will be worried about this one being added to the sites already within the plan in Blythe ward.

I therefore post the following details to make you aware of the plans and not overtly worry you.

The outline of the proposals can be viewed via this link: Land at Fulford Hall Farm – Summix : Summix  . At the parish council meeting it was stated they viewed the site as being able to accommodate about 2,000 new homes, together with a school, medical premises and shops.

A more in-depth look at the proposals can be seen here: Fulford Green – A 21st Century Garden Village – LDN Collective (

There is a YouTube video conference posted in the webpages and you will see commentary about Fulford Green from 43 minutes in: The Voice of Authority: How can we make sure new places are sustainable? – YouTube

What does this all mean?

As I stated in my previous post about the LDP, if there are concerns that we do not have sufficient housing numbers within the submitted draft plan then there will be immediate pressure to identify more sites. WE will know more when the planning inspectors meet to open the examination in public from 27 September.

2 thoughts on “Land at Fulford Hall Farm – promoted as Fulford Green

  1. We live in Earlswood. The road infrastructure is poor and Earlswood is already a rat run…we cannot take anymore cars. There are few paths for pedestrians and additional cars is going to increase the risk to life. Also the woods are original Warwickshire woodland and they can easily be destroyed…..more people visiting, more footfall damaging the woods. The lakes also has little parking and with more visitors the residents lives and well being will be diminished. What will all tge car fumes do for the woods and wildlife as Earlswood woods and lakes us a nature reserve?

    1. Totally agree. But Summix and the firm they have used to present this proposed development as “environmentally friendly” will use EVERY TRICK IN THR BOOK to tick environmental boxes to get this scheme through. In addition to the points you make I would point out that the electricity is supplied overhead in all of this area so there would be the added disruption of putting electricity underground, the addition strain on sewerage disposal, rubbish disposal, the route the hundreds of trucks needed to build this development will be allowed access when all there is around this area are already over used country lanes. I live just over the railway tracks from the proposed development about 1/2 a mile along Fulford Hall Road and I suspect the only reason we have escaped being included is that Solihull stops at the railway bridge and Warwickshire starts. Closes wood is a SSSI and as such should not be subjected to ANY MORE FOOT FALL. It is already vastly overused. There is not enough parking, the disturbance from loads of other people walking through this area will ruin it for the birds and wildlife. And as for the new residents being “encouraged to get out cycling and walking” we already have legions of cyclist – up to 30
      An hour, past our house on Fulford hall Road already!!! We certainly don’t need any more. It’s like the bloody Tour de France some days! The Lakes likewise. The rubbish accumulated currently with the number of people we already have walking round the lakes cannot be dealt with – the bins are always full to bursting and the birds who use these lakes as a stopping off point on their migration route would be further disturbed by EVEN more people. The car parks are – again now – insufficient for the numbers we already get. Why can’t building companies build or refurb houses and flats in Solihull? Better that than again used virgin Green Belt – because it’s cheaper to build there and the houses will sell for more. I’ve been here 4 years and in that time
      I’ve see. Tidbury Heights and Lowbrook Lane housing estates built. When is it going to stop? We need to be firm And resolute in our objection to this massive (2,000 houses) proposed development. The countryside is being systematically ruined. This is in effect a
      Housing estate in the countryside 🤬🤬 And not a lovely rural village!

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