Fulford Hall Farm – a follow up.

Some residents have asked me what Solihull Councils position is on the proposals being out forward by Summix in relation to Fulford hall Farm. I will use this post to explain what has gone on before and mention other sites put forward for development in the councils ‘Call for Sites’ in 2016. I have also posted the link to the online petition and feel free to add your name to those who have already joined in by objecting to the proposals.

Fulford Hall Farm was put forward in the Call for Sites and details can be seen in the published document: Reviewing the Plan for Solihull’s Future – supplementary consultation: Site assessment – which can be read here: Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation: Site Assessments (solihull.gov.uk) . The farm is reference no. 313 on page 267/8. I have pasted the screenshot of both pages below for ease of access.

You will see it was noted the capacity for housing could be 2,410 and on page 267 it clearly states the site ‘does not fit into any identified growth options in the special strategy’. It continues ‘The site lies within a landscape character area of high sensitivity, medium landscape value and very low capacity to accommodate change. The site has variable accessibility, which is higher to the west and lower to the east. Development would result in a disproportionate expansion to the settlement of Tidbury Green and would result in an unacceptable incursion onto the countryside.

The site was refused to be considered in the local plan going forwards and continues to be the councils position. There has been no formal consultation about the current proposals put forward by Summix and arranging meetings just a few weeks away from the Planning Inspectors ‘Examination in Public’ falls short.

I have also pasted a screen shot of a map indicating the sites out forward by landowners and developers for consideration of development. It is fair to state that Blythe ward received the most submissions out of all wards in the borough.

You can glean from the document these other sites put forward in Blythe ward (page 164 onwards) and these include substantial land in and around Tidbury Green, especially near Earlswood Station and the golf club (suggested by some as being preferred to the site in nearby Dickens Heath). I have raised my concerns that if this site is promoted by the parish council there is a danger if ending up with both sites.

Feel free to contact me about this, or any other issue. The link to the online petition, which has seen almost 500 supporters inside two days, is here: http://chng.it/GhmKx2yc

2 thoughts on “Fulford Hall Farm – a follow up.

  1. We were horrified to learn that 1800 houses are planned in Tidbury Green. We have more than our fair share of new housing estates and a development of this size is unimaginable. Please re-think what you will be doing to this beautiful area.

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