The Local Development Plan submitted to the planning inspectorate is undergoing its examination in public by the planning inspectors. The examination can be viewed live via the Councils You Tube channel via this link: Solihull Council – YouTube

A lot of interest in Blythe ward has naturally been taken up with the proposals announced recently by developers, Summix, who have proposals for an additional 1,800 homes for a development ‘Fulford Green’ (see previous posts). As previously indicated, this site is not included in the LDP submitted and the developers will try to persuade the planning inspectors that the numbers in our plan (15000+) are not enough and showcase their site as being ready for inclusion.

Their site is just one of many in the borough being promoted by developers at the planning examination in public and they are contained in the document ‘Information on omission / alternative sites put forward in representations at Regulation 19 stage’ – which can be read here:

The document relates to all areas of the borough, and there are many submissions, but I shall concentrate on those relevant to Blythe Ward.

A table of 13 submissions in Blythe ward is shown below:

Land adjacent to Shirley Golf Club and Kidpile Farm relate to proposals for development of a commercial nature and although these are important to examine, I shall not concentrate on those tow sites here. The other sites ask for more housing and I will go into a little more detail.

Site:                                                                              Housing capacity (approx.)

Land at Norton Lane                                                    90

Land at the rear of 146 Tilehouse Lane                   12

Land at Tanworth Lane                                              162

Winterton Farm                                                          600

Tilehouse Lane/Jordan Farm                                    355

Tidbury Green Golf Club                                            488

Fulford Hall Farm                                                      2410

Three Maypoles Farm                                               284

West of Rumbush Lane                                             262

Rumbush Lane                                                           155

You can access detailed maps and the council’s response to each site by looking up the page number for each site (as indicated in the right column in the table).

Therefore, all the sites being promoted at the planning examination total approximately 4818 additional homes. I mention this, not to scaremonger, but to highlight the threats do not just come from one site, as promoted by Summix. The councils policy is to challenge each of these sites.

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