LED Street Light – environmental savings

I feel it useful to explain what our investment in LED street lights have brought about. The savings are three fold; reduction in energy usage; reduction in carbon emissions; reduction in financial costs for the borough.

Annual Energy Usage

– Annual energy usage in 2015/16 was: 11,583,752 kilowatt hours

– Annual energy usage in 2020/21 was:     5,555,889 kilowatt hours

You will see that energy usage has more than halved.

This reduction has been mainly achieved by an investment in LED lighting. Note that we do not turn off any street lights overnight.

Annual Carbon Emissions

– Annual carbon emissions in 2015/16 was 5,750 tonnes

Annual carbon emissions in 2020/21 was 0 tonnes (we moved to a Pure Green Tariff where our energy is produced from green sources in 2020).

However, if we still purchased from non-green sources then our emissions would equate to 1,394 tonnes.

This reduction has been achieved by an investment in LED lighting but also by a de-carbonisation of the power sources. This is why the reduction in energy consumption does not directly correlate with the reduction in carbon emissions.

Financial Savings

Energy prices have risen considerably over the years since we started investing in LEDs, but £471,000 of annual energy costs have been put towards the Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy, when comparing 2016/17 to 2021/22, equating to around a third of all highways savings.

The council recognises there are still street lights on during the day. Please report via the reporting page on the councils website. Suppliers are replacing faulty sensors at no cost to the council.

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