In 2013, fixed safety cameras within the West Midlands were switched off; in 2016 a contract was awarded to pilot a network of digital Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras over five years at three sites in Solihull and five in Birmingham.

The sites in Solihull, that went live in August 2016 are:

·       B425 Lode Lane (Moat Lane to Castle Lane)

·       B4114 Bradford Road (Old Croft Lane to Chester Road)

·       A3400 Stratford Road (Avenue Albert to School Road)

A report at my decision session, as Cabinet Member for Environment and

Infrastructure on 18 November seeks, amongst other recommendations, the expansion of the average speed camera scheme to included Stratford Road in Monkspath and Shirley.

The full report can be read here (agenda item 5): Agenda for CPH Environment and Infrastructure Decision Session on Thursday 18th November 2021, 6.00 pm | Solihull City and District Council

However, in brief, I am asked as Cabinet Member to:

(a)           Note the performance of the ASE system (see Appendix A) and its positive contribution to road safety, speed management and reliable journey times at the three pilot locations.

(b)           Agree to expand the ASE scheme along A34 Stratford Road, between the M42 motorway junction and the B4102 Marshall Lake Road.

(c)           Agree to remove any redundant Safety Camera Housings (GATSO sites) that are in a dangerous condition or have been vandalised.

(d)           Agree that officers develop a new business case with partners across the West Midlands to support the continued use of ASE equipment, in line with the region’s Road Safety priorities

I am very pleased to see the addition of average speed cameras on this stretch of Stratford Road because we have witnessed a return of car cruisers/boy racers in the area and this brings with them a heightened increase in anti-social behaviour and a visible increase in vehicle speeds.

I am a big fan of average speed cameras and the data in the report shows they work. I want council officers to work with all partners across the West Midlands to work to expand the system, especially on all key routes.

Solihull’s roads are very safe, and we are one of the safest authorities in the country. I want us to be safer – every serious injury or fatal collision has far reaching consequences for very many people. Let’s try all we can to reduce the numbers even further.

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