BRUETON PARK LNR – River Blythe enhancement

The next phase of works is taking place at Brueton Park LNR as part of the River Blythe Enhancement Project. These works will take place for approximately four weeks starting week commencing Monday 31 January – weather and contractors’ schedule permitting.

This phase of works involves soft marginal bank creation and the de-silting of Brueton Park lake. These works are taking place because the lake ecosystem is dominated by organic inputs from trees around the margins, which has resulted in siltation, shallowing of the lake, and poor water quality. Wildfowl excreta and public feeding of the birds has added to the organic supply. High levels of shading also contribute to the poor habitat conditions.

The proposed works will therefore involve installation of brushwood faggots (typically bundles of hazel, birch and willow) to create marginal planting areas around the perimeter of the lake – softening the existing concrete edge. The lake will then be de-silted with silt being pumped into the newly created marginal areas to add depth, create more open water habitat, improve water quality and better conditions for pond plants. A range of native aquatic and marginal plants will be planted around the newly created marginal areas which will be temporarily fenced off to protect the vegetation from browsing by waterfowl.

Works will also involve coppicing several trees, general thinning of the canopy and pruning of overhanging branches from bankside trees. This will enable significantly more sunlight to penetrate the lake, helping aquatic plants to grow and supporting local wildlife. The works will reduce the amount of leaf and organic material entering the lake, reversing its decline.

Warning notices, temporary barriers and all other appropriate safeguards will be positioned as required in areas where the work is taking place to ensure people’s safety and protect adjacent habitats and green space infrastructure, however the remainder of the park will remain open. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust have developed targeted information for local residents and park users giving advance notice of the proposed habitat enhancement works.

I have attached a poster that will be displayed in the park.

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