Household Waste and Recycling Destinations

Followers may be interested to know where our household waste and recycling goes from Solihull. WE are committed to responsible waste and recycling outcomes.

Mixed Recycling

Materials are sorted into the separate material fractions via an automated process at a Materials Recycling Facility. The separate materials are then baled and sold on the open market for manufacture into new products across the world.

Any material that is not suitable for recycling is used to manufacture Solid Recovered Fuel (SDF) which is used in the cement industry as a replacement for coal.

This takes place at Suez, Recycling & Recovery UK, Birmingham 

Mixed glass bottles and jars

Mixed glass bottles and jars collected in the black box are colour seperated using innovative laser technology. It is then used to make a variety of end products including being re-melted into new glass bottles and jars.

This takes place at URM (UK) Limited, Knottingley, West Yorkshire

Green Garden Waste

Green garden waste collected at the HWRC is composted in windrows to produce compost which is sold through national retailers under different brands.
This takes place at Suez, Little Packington, Warwickshire.

Household Waste

Household waste collected in black wheelie bins or purple sacks is not landfilled, instead it is incinerated with the heat being recovered to generate electricity and heat local buildings.
This takes place at Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company, Coventry. This also provides a financial return to the boarough.


Products are sorted and graded. Some material is sold directly through shops for reuse across Europe and Dubai.

The attached map provides information and supports our sustainable approach and more information can be found on the councils website at:

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