What happens to the recycling and waste collected at Bickenhill?

Mixed Recycling

Materials are sorted into the separate material fractions via an automated process at a Materials Recycling Facility. The separate materials are then baled and sold on the open market for manufacture into new products across the world.

Any material that is not suitable for recycling is used to manufacture Solid Recovered Fuel (SDF) which is used in the cement industry as a replacement for coal.

This takes place at Suez, Recycling & Recovery UK, Birmingham 

Mixed glass bottles and jars

Mixed glass bottles and jars collected in the black box are colour seperated using innovative laser technology. It is then used to make a variety of end products including being re-melted into new glass bottles and jars.

This takes place at URM (UK) Limited, Knottingley, West Yorkshire

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal collected is then broken down into streams for further reprocessing and/or onward reprocessing/recycling. This takes place at European Metal Recycling Ltd, Kingsbury

Mineral Oil/Used Engine Oil

Oils are recovered and blended into recovered fuels and alternative fuels. This takes place at Elimpic Ltd, West Midlands


Cardboard is directly recycled into brown paper for use in the packaging industry.

This takes place at: Smurfit Kappa, Birmingham

Fridges & Freezers

Broken down into separate components for reuse and remanufacturing within the UK, Europe and the Far East. CFC’s are extracted for safe disposal.

This takes place at: Webuyanyappliance.com Ltd, Tipton

Wood and Timber

All wood waste are shredded to produce pellets and wood chippings for biofuels.
For more information

This takes place at A & A Recycling Services Ltd, Meriden, Warwickshire. 

Plus several more materials, which can be viewed on the webpage and interactive map: Bickenhill Household Waste Recycling Centre – Google My Maps

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