I am so disappointed in claims by LibDem Lyndon and Elmdon ward councillors that their wards are being forgotten or left till last for investment and claiming other wards are prioritised. This is so far from the truth and I expect far better from them.

As well as the comments in the petition (which has not been presented to council for some reason) we have a LibDem Councillor claiming Lyndon and Olton are passed by. This is so sad to hear and from a political group that actually ran the council just 11 years ago.

I can highlight some of the investment in Lyndon and Elmdon wards these past two years, and residents in other wards might think ‘why hasn’t my ward seen some of this?’

  1. Table Tennis Tables – installation of 2x Table Tennis Tables in Elmdon Park and 2x Tables in Olton Jubilee Park. It is worth noting that we have very recently had one of the tables in Elmdon vandalised which we are working to get repaired/top replaced. These were funded by Table Tennis England but funding through Solihull Active and the parks revenue budget to get the higher specification tables
  • New Pond to be installed in Elmdon Nature Park – Elmdon Nature Park is adjacent to the Jaguar Land Rover Logistics Operation Centre (JLR LOC) development. As part of the planning obligations associated with the JLR LOC development, the council is required to deliver the area of mitigation. A condition of the development is to create additional great crested newt (Triturus cristatus) habitat, specifically a pond and associated hibernacula and log pile within the site. This scheme will be delivered in an area of species poor grassland on the south-eastern edge of Elmdon Nature Park.
  • Grimebuster and Jet Washing Team – they have undertaken a variety of enhanced cleaning work in Elmdon and Lyndon Wards through the Place Shaper funded Grime Buster Team, including jet washing furniture, bins, signs etc.
  • Highway Projects
  • * Sprint Phase 1

    · Wildlife Ways – Route A: Lode Lane to Valley Road
    * Wildlife Ways –  Route B: Damson Parkway to A45
    * Wildlife Ways –  Route C: Solihull Town Centre to A45
    * Wildlife Ways –   Route J: Wagon Lane to Keswick Road

    · Pierce Avenue – Pedestrian refuge – Constructing now
    · Lyndon Road Zebra – construction commences summer 2022
  • Flood Risk

    Spent c.£30k on flood risk mapping exercises to understand the impacts of the watercourses within Elmdon, Olton and Lyndon
    Works have been completed within parks and local nature reserve areas to create cut-off ditches and drains to protect existing residents from surface water flooding
  • Drainage

    Over and above the normal maintenance cycle, c.£40k has been spent improving the highway drainage assets since 2020 including providing additional assets in areas requested by residents
  • Street Lighting
     In the last few years, we have invested significantly in replacing lamp columns across the borough coupled with the roll out of full LED lanterns
    We have installed numerous additional columns both in the carriageway and along footpaths and in open space areas at the request of residents

To be continued …

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