New HGV signage in Kingshurst and Fordbridge to address safety concerns

Some excellent work by Kingshurst and Fordbridge Cllr David Cole and Solihull Highway officers.

In response to a recent petition submitted to council by Cllr Coles on behalf of residents of Cooks Lane, Solihull Council has now installed additional information signage to promote better compliance with the existing HGV restrictions and address residents’ safety concerns.

The Council introduced a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) restricting Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) from using Cooks Lane back in 1999. Whilst the TRO has greatly reduced the number of HGVs using this route, a minority of HGV drivers have been seen contravening the environmental weight restrictions.

In response to the petition, Solihull Council has installed additional information signs at key locations to raise awareness of the restrictions, with the intention of reducing road safety risks and improving the local environment.

Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for the Environment and Infrastructure, said:

“I’m delighted that we have swiftly responded to the concerns of residents in Cooks Lane, taking action to install informative new signs which remind HGV drivers of the existing environmental restrictions and promote road safety.

“Although the majority of HGV drivers comply with the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and avoid Cooks Lane, a small minority contravene the restrictions and provoke unacceptable environmental and safety concerns amongst residents.

“Whilst West Midlands Police are currently responsible for enforcing this type of TRO, Solihull Council will later this year apply to the Department of Transport for new moving traffic enforcement powers, which may be used at locations such as Cooks Lane to improve compliance still further. Such changes to the Council’s civil enforcement powers are expected to be the subject of consultation later this year.

“I look forward to seeing how we can continue to take advantage of all the enforcement and educational powers at our disposal to improve road safety across the borough.”

I have to say that my part in this was minimal – thanks go to officers for making this a priority an their swift action and to David for pursuing this ion behalf of residents.

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