A jewel on our doorsteps and whilst many of the houses on one side of the Engine Lake are in Solihull borough, the lake itself is not, and forms the boundary with Warwickshire. There are three lakes in all.

The Canal and Rivers Trust have done a fantastic job in renovating the paths and the lake itself and is well worth a visit. There are several walks that can be undertaken from different points, with a few car parks around the area.

There are a few public houses in the immediate vicinity; The Reservoir, The Red Lion and a few coffee/restaurants; including Ambleside Garden Centre (a cracking place to visit) with Earslwood craft centre nearby as well.

More information can be found via the Canal and Rivers Trust website: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/places-to-visit/earlswood-lakes . You can also down load guides, one of which I have shared below.

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