In June 2021, a review of the speed limits in operation across the Borough took place and at my cabinet decision session I approved a further review of speed limits operating outside schools, with the intention of expanding their use and establishing a multi-year delivery programme.

Some schools already benefit from a 20-mph speed limit at or near to their school and officers have reviewed 49 schools’ locations and after consideration of risk, deliverability and concerns raised by the schools, three groups of schools have been recommended to move forwards for wider consultation, and hopefully implementation of the new speed limits in a structured way during his financial year.

I am pleased to report that ten schools have been identified for consultation, and which ward they are in for implementation in the 2022/23 financial year are as follows:                                       

Blossomfield Infant and Nursery School                       Shirley East

St Patricks Church of England Primary Academy          Blythe

(Part-time 20mph speed limit)

Tudor Grange Primary Academy, Hockley Heath    Dorridge & Hockley Heath

Bentley Heath Church of England Primary School  Dorridge & Hockley Heath

St George & St Teresa Catholic Primary School              Knowle

Castle Bromwich Infant School                                Castle Bromwich

Castle Bromwich Junior School                               Castle Bromwich

Greswold Primary School                                                   Silhill

Sharmans Cross Junior School                                           St Alphege

Peterbrook Primary School                                             Shirley West

The remaining schools are grouped for consultation in the following two years. These, together with the schools already benefitting from a 20 mph speed limit can be found within the report, which can be viewed via this link (agenda item 8): ­­­­­Agenda for CPH Environment and Infrastructure Decision Session on Tuesday 12th July 2022, 6.00 pm | Solihull City and District Council

In relation to St Patricks School, which is situated in Slater Street in my ward (Blythe):

‘I am very pleased at this school being included in the first tranche of new schools being looked at. I met with the head teacher, Mrs Caroline Glennon, earlier this year and we agreed the need for the road directly outside the school should be reduced from its present 40 mph to a safer speed. I am confident the consultation will reflect this. I know pupils, parents and staff will support this move’.

‘There are many studies that show 20 mph speed limits are far safer with a study undertaken in Bristol between 2008 and 2016 showing that introducing 20mph speed limits reduced fatalities by around 63% in the city. In simple terms, 20mph is safer. The objective of lowering the speed limit is to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads.’

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