Blythe Valley Park – Monkspath – Dorridge : Active Travel Proposals

As both a ward councillor and Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways I have been working with officers on active travel provision in the area. Funding is directly from the Blythe valley Park development by way of Section 106 funds, for the provision of active travel, especially cycling, to and from BVP and local communities. If it is not used for this purpose then it is returned.

Residents of Monkspath (and Dorridge) will be receiving letters relating to a new Active Travel Route being proposed connecting Blythe Valley Park with Monkspath traversing along Stratford Road with options to connect into Hay Lane, Monkspath Hall Road, Stanbrook Road and Frankholmes Drive. The route will also traverse into Dorridge and this could have wider benefits for Monkspath residents as well.

An Active Travel Route promotes walking, cycling and interchange with public transport through high-quality shared footpaths and safer crossing points which link onto the wider network.     

In total, 4 phases options have been assessed and following consultation of the options (and subject to the level of funding available) we are looking at implementation of schemes to commence later in 2022. Please familiarise yourself with the drawings that have been uploaded to Commonplace which can be accessed via the link below or by scanning the QR code. The scheme for Monkspath will not entail and reduction of road space, yet will hopefully provide an environment for our cyclists, especially young children, to cycle in safety. You may also note that one of the phases suggests a possible crossing of Monkspath Hall Road at or near to Hay Lane.

There will also be a face-to-face consultation meeting at Monkspath Junior and Infant School’s Blue Room, on Tuesday 12th July 2022 from 5pm-7pm, where you will be able to see the drawings and discuss the proposed Active Travel Route in person with members of our team.

It is important that as residents of Monkspath we have our say about how we move forwards with this proposal. Nothing is set in stone but the provision of safer and dedicated cycling provision for our young people is important.

All plans can be accessed on the Common Place portal by scanning the QR code shown below or this link:

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