Go Bananas! Solihull Town Centre Fairtrade Trail

Spot the banana characters in shop windows and find the clues to solve the Fairtrade Trail. To take part download a trail sheet (via this link) and hunt down the banana characters in Solihull Town Centre. Find the Banana Characters and solve the code! Why not follow Solihull Fair Trade on Twitter: @SolihullFtrade     … More Go Bananas! Solihull Town Centre Fairtrade Trail

HEART and SOUL – Magazine

Please find here the Winter edition of ‘Heart and Soul’ the magazine from Heartlands, Good Hope, Solihull Hospitals, Birmingham Chest Clinic and Solihull Community Services. hs_winter_2016_web The magazine focuses on staying well this winter and what is going on in the Heart of England Foundation Trust.

Birmingham and Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Health and social care organisations in Solihull have a long and strong track record of working closely together to make sure that our local health and social care services are as joined as possible so that Solihull residents are unable to see where one ends and the other starts. In the last couple of years … More Birmingham and Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Plan


As a signed up member I receive a regular newsletter from The Heart of England NHS Trust called ‘Heart and Soul’. This document has far too much information to repeat here and many people may find parts of it extremely useful and informative. The link to the document is here: hs_autumn_2016_web . I hope you find … More HEART AND SOUL


A little known gem in the borough is the Wellbeing Service provided through Solihull Community Housing (SCH). What some people may have thought, including myself, is that the service is for clients of SCH; This is not so. The full range of services provided can be viewed on their web pages via this link: https://www.solihullcommunityhousing.org.uk/Home/Tenants/SCHWellbeing/More WELLBEING CENTRE – Solihull

Cycling in Solihull

I wish to gauge residents, and visitors to Solihull, views on cycling. I am a keen cyclist myself but, beware the Councillor, or citizen who thinks they know all the answers just because they ride a bike. I also know a lot has been done in the borough in recent years, some by the local … More Cycling in Solihull