At yesterdays Planning Committee there were several applications in respect of Blythe Ward. I have posted here the link to the committee agenda and to access each individual application just click on the relevant agenda item:

Agenda items 7 and 8 related to applications to build houses in Dickens Heath. Both these applications are shown within the Local development Plan (LDP) as land identified for housing but are subject to phasing; Braggs farm (agenda item 7) set for release from April 2018 and Dickens Heath Road (agenda item 8) for release after 1 April 2023. I, and Chair of Dickens Heath Parish Council, Richard Holt addressed planning committee urging them to adhere to the phasing as set out in the LDP and not pander to pleas from developers to release the land now. As mentioned in a previous blog, the Garden Squares project in Dickens Heath will (hopefully) get going this year and there will be enough construction, and supply of local housing needs, in the Village for the short term.

Agenda Item 9 related to Tanworth Lane/Mount Dairy Farm (which I have mentioned in previous posts). Again, I and Chair of the Cheswick Green Parish Council Chris Noble, addressed the committee urging them to support the phasing as set out in the LDP, set for release after 1 April 2023. Again, we were successful in persuading them to refuse a plea from developers to release the land now. The committee was also informed by officers there were still flood risk issues that needed addressing.


Agenda item 12 relates to Tidbury Green Farm and an application to build almost 200 homes on the farmland, which the LDP has returned to the green belt. Again, developers argued for release of the land now whilst Chair of the Parish Council, Peter Seddon, and I successfully addressed the committee, urging them to refuse the application because it is in the green belt.

A good night in all. The LDP is a sound plan for the borough and allows sustainable housing development in Solihull over the length of the plans timescale. The LDP can be viewed via this link:  Local_Plan_Final__low_resolution


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