TANWORTH LANE – Appeal by Bloors

I am saddened that Bloors have found the need to appeal against the decision to refuse their planning application to build 200 homes on land off Tanworth Lane, commonly know as Mount Dairy Farm. For those who have not followed the process you may wish to view the post I made in January: https://cllrkenhawkins.co.uk/2014/01/30/planning-applications-update/

This land was designated for development in the Local Development Plan (LDP) but for release from 1 April 2023. The Planning Inspector found Solihull’s LDP as being ‘Sound’ and referred to the phasing of sites as being ‘Soundly based’. The phasing of sites allows for development to be planned in a sustainable way, especially with so many planned developments in Blythe ward over the next ten years.

I feel that Bloors do not give a jot for the feelings of local residents and are not satisfied with the land being set for release from April 2023. They want it now and sod local feelings. They know the feelings within the local community and know their formal application was said to be lacking in focus on flood risk issues – yet here they go trying to ride rough-shod over Solihull’s Planning and Development planning and also the Planning Inspectorate.

The appeal will be held by way of an ‘Inquiry’ where a Planning Inspector hears evidence from those wishing to make representations. No date has been set yet, but I will advertise the date when it has been published.

I am very confident the appeal will be refused.

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