Mercedes – Planning Application – Monkspath

Planning application PL/2017/01715/PPFL relates to an application by Mercedes to develop a new dealership on the present Prologis Site at 1, Monkspath Hall Road (on left as you drive into Monkspath from Stratford Road).

The application reads: ‘PL/2017/01715/PPFL | Erection of a car showroom and associated sales facility (Sui Generis use), car repair facility, MOT Test Centre (B2 use), and offices (B1 use) including associated infrastructure, landscaping, access and demolition of existing building. | 1 Monkspath Hall Road Monkspath Solihull B90 4FY’.            

The planning application, and all 40 documents,  can be found on the councils planning portal via this link:

View from above.PNG

I have posted the main files here, some are quite lengthy and deserve close inspection: PL_2017_01715_PPFL-PLANNING_STATEMENT-734774




For ease I have taken a few screen shots to show how the site will look and its indicative site plan:

Site plan snapshot

I have included the economic statement because I know the generation of jobs in the borough and region will be a factor to consider for this application (quite rightly). However, the number of new jobs (as the company are relocating) must be determined as well as establishing whether this is the right location for such a large development.

I have also posted the transport plan and, as we know, we already have problems with on-street car parking because of the nearby Listers dealership, as well as problems created by vehicle transporters parking on the main road.

I want to know what YOUR thoughts are on this application. Please make comments either on this post or direct to me on .

3 thoughts on “Mercedes – Planning Application – Monkspath

  1. Hi Ken,
    (1) Having looked through the documents you attached, I can find nothing referring to an ‘on-site’ (off-road) location where car transporters will offload / load vehicles. Clearly, they need to have somewhere ‘off-road’ for road safety considerations. Monkspath Hall Road is not a ‘red route’ and even if it was I don’t suppose that would make any difference whatsoever to Mercedes or their delivery drivers. This needs to be clarified, made part of any agreement by Solihull MBC and adhered to by all if the application is successful.
    (2) The proposed development is a 4-storey construction which I consider is out of place on the proposed site.
    (3) You are aware of the current problems in connection with the Listers site on Stratford Road and if this application is successful I envisage similar problems.
    (4) I also think that such a large development in this location is unsuitable from a road safety point of view, particularly in respect of vehicles approaching the location along Stratford Road and turning left into Monkspath Hall Road when a driver’s view of any obstructions on the road will be restricted (and you and I know that there will be obstructions if the application is successful). This is not an issue in respect of any of the other car dealerships along Stratford Road where there is a straight road on the approach to those other dealerships.
    (5) My wife, Sue shares my concerns but she can register these separately if necessary.
    (6) Perhaps you would acknowledge my concerns.

  2. Hi ken.i live directly over the road from this proposed site in old hill gardens and would be looking at this massive eyesore on a daily basis.i have no problem with any business coming to the area but to go so high and vast and have no thought for the residents who have to live here I find mind blowing.the trees which have taken years to mature oak/birch and to take every single one out is criminal.i intend to fight this application tooth and nail and would appreciate your help on this and will keep a daily eye on your emails.many thanks

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