Planning Application – Nursery

An interesting planning application came up this week; a proposal to create a 90 child nursery, with associated car parking, on land we know as Joseph House (near to the island on Stratford Road at Monkspath Hall Road – opposite to the hotel).


For ease I have posted the proposed site plan here:

Site plan


Other documents relating to this application can be read via this link:­­­­­

My initial concerns relate to:

  • The number of car parking spaces – are 23 enough for the proposed 90 pupils?
  • Encroachment onto the green belt
  • Effect/possible constraint of published proposals under the Local Development Plan re site 12
  • Development of children nursery so close to main road and potential effect of air quality on young lives.

Any thoughts? Please do so here or email me.

4 thoughts on “Planning Application – Nursery

  1. I am only commenting on parking as my child currently goes to Busy Bees on Blyth Valley and there are a maximum of 15-20 parking spaces. Because children are dropped of and picked up and different times during the day there is never a issue with parking. Drop off and pick up are fairly quick turnarounds. I hope this help.

  2. One thing that comes to mind (which may or may not be important) is possible traffic safety given the location (necessitating a left turn very close to the roundabout) given the tendency of cars heading towards Birmingham and travelling straight on at the roundabout to be travelling very rapidly. Possibly coupled with greater usage of the site than when it was an office. It is an unusually located buliding out there on its own, with nothing else on either side, on that side of the road.

    1. That is a great point. We can’t object on pure traffic grounds as there was useable before. However, as an office it never had the amount of traffic as could be expected with a nursery – and mostly at the same time of the day.

      I’m not against the application per se, but don’t need a few things examined. Thanks for commenting.

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