Birmingham and Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Health and social care organisations in Solihull have a long and strong track record of working closely together to make sure that our local health and social care services are as joined as possible so that Solihull residents are unable to see where one ends and the other starts. In the last couple of years … More Birmingham and Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Plan


A little known gem in the borough is the Wellbeing Service provided through Solihull Community Housing (SCH). What some people may have thought, including myself, is that the service is for clients of SCH; This is not so. The full range of services provided can be viewed on their web pages via this link: WELLBEING CENTRE – Solihull


I have today received a document from Arden Cross which provides a timely update on the proposals for the High Speed 2 interchange area once the HS2 Bill receives its Royal Assent (at the end of this year) and subject to Solihull’s own Local Plan Review, also expected later this year/early 2018. You will see … More ARDEN CROSS – HS2


I was asked to write up my thoughts about development training for councillors following a ‘conversation’ on twitter with Dr. Catherine Needham from Birmingham University  following comments I made when I read the report she co-authored entitled ‘The 21st Century Councillor’ 21st-century-councillor . This is a great read for all councillors, old or new. I do … More BARRIERS TO COUNCILLOR DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING


Following a few complaints and comments on local Facebook sites it was my intention to write up another piece about recycling on my website. I then found that at Solihull’s Annual Council in May I was appointed Cabinet Member with responsibility for Environment, Housing and Regeneration. This includes waste and recycling. Solihull Council’s website has … More RECYCLING IN SOLIHULL